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Our facility will allow you to learn in a real dental office without the pressure of accommodating real patients. In this private facility, you will train in a functional, professional and supportive environment.

We work with several organizations that offer financial aid upon qualification. Contact us for more information.

Course Goal

The goal of this course is to teach students what the basic requirements are needed, in conjunction with the state laws of Tennessee, to become a knowledgeable dental assistant who can be employed in the modern dental office. This includes teaching them to be proficient in all areas of taking and mounting patient x-rays. Upon successful completion of a final exam given by TNPTI, students will receive a Certificate of Completion from TNPTI. The documentation and license fee is then mailed by TNPTI to the State of TN Dental Board which will send the student a license with the designation of “Registered Dental Assistant.”


Learning Objectives

Over the course of each of our programs, students will learn:

• Four-handed dental assisting techniques

• Dental terminology and the Universal Numbering System

• How to sterilize dental instruments and equipment

• How to take impressions and pour patient models

• How to give patient post-op instructions and home care

• How to take notes in the patient’s chart

• How to take patient radiographs in compliance with the State of Tennessee’s requirements for certification

• How to write a resume and interview for a dental assisting position

• Personality types in the dental practice

• How to assist on composite and amalgam patient procedures

• How to assist on cleaning and exam procedures

• Identifying dental instruments

• Completing tray set ups

• How to assist on endodontic procedures

• How to assist on extraction procedures

• How to assist on Oral Surgery procedures

• Crown Preps

• Dental procedures & diagnosis

• Understanding American Dental Association codes

• Understanding insurance terminology

• How to take a patient’s blood pressure

• Medications used in a dental practice

• How to respond in case of a dental or medical emergency

• CPR certification


Instructional Materials

The $4,999.00 tuition includes a Dental Assisting Training Manual as well as dental materials and equipment.

Students are required to purchase their own set of scrubs (we recommend the purchase of black scrubs) and to purchase the book, Modern Dental Assisting, 10th Edition either in hard cover or soft cover.


Dental Assisting Attendance Requirement

The TN Professional Training Institute’s Dental Assisting Program is an accelerated program and we strongly encourage students to attend class meetings. However, each program has a predefined amount of time students are allowed to miss if they contact their instructor at least one day before the class, and students are required to reschedule a make-up day to review and practice missed materials. Students who miss more than the predefined amount of time will be dismissed and may be moved to the next session at the discretion of the instructor.

TNPTI offers its students the opportunity to have optional and flexible additional lab practice time, in addition to your class time hours, Monday to Sunday when discussed and arranged with your instructor; in advance.


Grading Policy

Students are required to maintain an 80% average to pass this course. If an 80% average is not maintained, students may have to repeat materials before completing the course. Students are encouraged to call or email to check the status of their grades.


If you like working with people, then consider a career in the dental field working as a Registered Dental Assistant. The Registered Dental Assistant is a valuable part of the dental office team, providing support to the dentist and hygienist.

We are proud to offer three options for our students to become a Registered Dental Assistant:
• 10-Week part-time program meeting every Saturday for ten weeks
• 3-Week full-time program meeting Monday-Friday for three weeks
• 10-week part-time EVENING program meeting Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings for ten weeks.


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